Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Eliminator.

Today was Sunday.  Yesterday I had a play-date with my friend.  In my dad's shop we made a completely homemade crossbow.  It fired at least forty feet.  When my friend was here it broke two times.  We also fixed it two times.  The first time we called it The Eliminator.  The second time we called it The Eliminator II.  Once my friend left it broke two more times.  The Eliminator III and The Eliminator IV came to town.   I broke The Eliminator IV I finally decided it was getting too boring to keep on fixing, gluing, nailing, and hammering The Eliminator, so I stopped doing it.

It was made completely out of: wood, duck tape, gorilla glue and spray paint.  The first time I showed my dad The Eliminator I said I came up with a new invention (the Arrow and Bow*).  My friend loved it until I broke it.

Just for the record, I would like to say that my little brother also made one.  The only thing that's different between my bow and my little brother's bow is that mine is in the trash.  His is in the mudroom for safe keeping.

Me and my broken Eliminator IV.

*If you catch my drift.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Saturday was the Annual LEGO Contest at the BMAC.  My family and I made a drum set.  Everybody in the family helped out.  There were two names that we were going to call it: Ringo's Drum Set or Beatles Forever.  We chose Beatles Forever.                                                                                                                      

Note the best craftsmanship award.                          
 Leo and I sitting by our complete success.

My family and I won a $15 gift certificate to Toy City.  Now I would just like to tell you that once we finished building it, we spray-panted it to give it that same color effect.  Luckily we didn't get disqualified.  Everybody thought it was great!!  We even made the BMAC's Facebook page.  When my mom found out that we were on their Facebook page she knew that we won something.  Luckily she didn't tell me that until I already found out that we won.  Two years ago I got runner-up for the most original award because I built this huge LEGO humanoid (about two and a half ft. tall).  I won a fifteen dollar gift certificate to Baker's (the local toy store) and I got a fairly small Harry Potter LEGO set.  It didn't last that long.  

My LEGO humanoid.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Parent Teacher Student Conference

Phew, I'm glad that's over!

Today was Friday.  On Thursday I had my parent teacher student! conference.  At the school I go to, once you get into fourth grade and up you actually have to be at your own conference.  You have to put together a portfolio of works that you've done to show your parents.  You have to pick one work from each subject: math, cultural, language arts, and you can pick between music, p.e. or art.  You can also put in one other work of your choice (optional). You have to write a two paragraph essay for each work.  Then there's the conference.  It's basically like digging your own grave (if you know what I mean). It's so scary.  At the end of the conference I could've sworn I wet my pants at least three times.  (Note my armpits were sweating like crazy).  The good thing about it is that it's only a 30 minute conference and you don't actually have to really do anything except say "good" at the end of every question your parents ask you.  My teacher Dan says that  the word 'good' is basically a grunt with a 'D' sound on the end. I think " Good rocks!".  In the end it turned out it actually wasn't that scary.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh Ya!!!

This is a picture of me running down our driveway with my Nike Free's.

Nike Free's

Today My Nike Free's Came!

The one time mom let me stand on the chair.

*Note the customized design - I run for me and for Leo!

For a Christmas present I really wanted a pair of Nike Free's and my mom said I could get them as an early present.  Once I customized them,  my mom and I placed the order (it goes with out saying).
I really wanted them because I recently started the Brattlebero x-Country Running Team.   Once they came, my mom was worried that they would no longer fit me at Christmas (I'm growing a lot) so she let me have them early.  A few days before that my gym teacher gave us a talk about how normal sneakers soles elevate to support your heel and how the human (Homo Sapiens) have evolved to walk from toe to heel and most peoples' shoes are made so you walk from heel to toe.  I wanted these shoes because they do exactly the opposite of what I just said. They make it so that your heel and toe are at the exact same height, and the sole is really flexible so its just like running barefoot! They feel sooooo good!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Today was Monday.  Monday is my least favorite day in the week because its the first day of school and its usually the first day of the work week for grown-ups.  For me its kind of hard to get back into the 'swing of things', if you catch my drift.  At school I got a new math assignment,  I also have to finish my portfolio by taking a picture of me playing the drums on Wednesday.

At recess four square is turning into 'not get hit in the face' square, once you get people out they kind of do a really high pitched scream and/or run at you and push you.  Today I said "how hard is it to just play a normal game of four square?!" but nobody said any thing.  The only good thing about Monday is that the next day (Tuesday) is my drum lesson, oh-ya!  I personally think that being a drummer in a band is very important because the drummer keeps the beat, if the drummer gets off the beat the whole band gets of the beat.  When I was playing with my dad (who plays guitar) my dad says I'm making him a better guitarist because I'm keeping the beat so well.  Do you know how some people call electric drum sets 'fake' and acoustic drum sets 'real'?  (By the way, I have an electric drum set) When someone says that to me I say: "Electric drum sets are real and acoustic drum sets are also real.  Nobody calls an electric guitar fake and nobody calls an acoustic drum set fake.  You see what I mean?" Then they usually say "I see, I see".  Sometimes it just really bothers me.  But a lot of people don't know, but I don't blame them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Trunk Full-O-Books

What Is Trunk Full-O-Books?

This is Trunk Full-O- Books:

Trunk Full-O-Books is an independent library owned and run by your average 4th grader, Benjamin B.  Here is the letter I, Ben B., sent out to all my members:
  Trunk Full-o-Books

Dear _________________,

Enclosed you will find your Trunk Full  -O- Books membership card.  With this card, you can check out an unlimited number of books for as long as two months! 
Since you are a family member, your membership card is free. You will still be responsible for any damage fees. Your membership card has a verification code and must be presented at time of checkout.  

We have a range of books from graphic novels, to poetry to classics by  JRR Tolkien and Rudyard Kipling.  Most books are for kids, but we do carry a small selection of grown-up books. 

Trunk Full-O-Books is a library run by Ben Bodett .  The library is uniquely located in Ben’s own room!!!  (Please knock before entering). 

First timers at the library get a free bookmark.  And remember, you can always look us up on our blog.


Ben B. 
Here are some pictures of Trunk Full-O-Books

This is my 'exclusives' section

This is my cash register/computer.
It records everything.

 Here is another little part of my library

  I started Trunk Full-O- Books because first of all, I have a lot of books and second of all, I grew really, really bored on rainy days and weekends.  Then one day I came up with the idea of starting a library, and poof! I'm the owner and operator of a fully functional library.