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How To Build A Poem

building a poem is like setting a mousetrap
or digging a hole
the right tools are needed
you need a mind like grace
and a heart of heat
to melt away your barriers
sleight of hand
cold of foot
are required
like strength
to build a building

land of lines
are rejected from the mind
to the page
the thick fibers hold thoughts together
and bind ink to pulp
and pulp to ink
each gap as deep as a hole
but as dangerous as a mousetrap
yet as shallow as silk
keeping rain and age away
till the end is near
is how you build a poem

+Ben Xxxxxx

January 29, 2013

The Titanic
There was a big ship called Titanic
the passengers all screamed in panic
the ship was sunk
for the captain was drunk
it was to late to call a mechanic

There goes another poem, a limerick.  Rhyming scheme aabba (if you know what I mean).


  1. I don't know rhyming schemes, but I like this limerick! Clever! How long did it take for you to do this?

  2. Would you autograph a copy of your poem? I like it.